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Greeks are the hardest working people in Europe

by Erno » 13 Nov 2015, 16:08

Greeks are the hardest working people in Europe, rank 4th worldwide - 13 November, 2015


Greeks are the hardest working people in Europe and rank fourth internationally, according to a new survey by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Mexicans work more than anyone else, followed by Costa Ricans and Koreans. Greeks come fourth on the international list, the study shows. Chileans, Russians and Polish follow.

The OECD study has estimated the yearly hours of work per country, taking into account full-time and part-time employment, overtime, seasonal employment and other contributing factors.

Based on the yearly hours for 2014, Fortune magazine estimated the hours of work on a weekly basis. According to this calculation, Greeks work 39.27 hours per week, ranking fourth internationally.

Mexicans are the hardest working putting an average of 42.85 hours per week. Costa Ricans come close with 42.62 hours, while Koreans put 40.85 hours per week at work.

On the bottom of the list, the French rank 32nd for working 28.22 hours per week, Danes follow at 27.62, Norwegians are 34th with 27.44 hours per week, Dutch follow at 27.40 hours and Germans rank 36th working 26.37 hours per week.

Americans rank 16th with 34.40 hours per week, while Russians come in 6th place with 38.17 hours per week.

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