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Sfakia Pie Fest 2022 - best party in a lifetime

by Noah » 20 Aug 2022, 17:03

What a fantastic occasion. We were fortunate to find ourselves in Chora Sfakion for this year's fest, and I cannot remember a better party. Huge attendance, abundant food, wine, raki, music, dancing, fireworks, friendship, all under the Cretan stars. Eventually got back to hotel room at about 0330 hrs.

Only drawback was when I was compelled to join in the dancing - I have 3 left feet and I think I spoiled the party. Apologies if I stomped on your toes or crushed your shoulder.

Thank you to everyone involved - amazing to see everything cleared away by the time I arose (a trifle tardily, to be honest).

Tickets were 20 Euro, bought as you entered; maybe pre-booking is sensible if you are travelling, but we were able to arrive early from our hotel. Unmissable if you are in Crete for it.

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