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jean h
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Damaged NEN ferry in Agia Roumeli

by jean h » 19 Jun 2022, 07:33

George Dalidakis sent me a report about a NEN ferry that hit the western pier in Agia Roumeli on June the 11th when there were high winds – the hull was damaged and there is danger of fuel pollution, but the boat still sits there, half sunk. Local residents have written to the authorities complaining about this shipping line.

from the Crete Guide website:
The strong winds damaged and immobilized two ships in the south of Crete ... this morning [June 11th] ... Several smaller boats and pontoons broke off at the mooring ports. … in the port of Agia Roumeli, the ship "Apollon K." owned by the carrier Nen Kritis was pushed towards the quay. A collision with the concrete structure of the pier caused damage to the hull and, consequently, caused the vessel to draw water. Fortunately, at the time of this incident, there were no passengers on board … floating barriers have been set up to prevent the spread of pollutants, especially fuel. … the crew is working on repairing the damage. The Apollon K. ran between the ports in the following towns: Paleochora - Sougia - Ag.Roumeli. We suggest using the services of ANENDYK, i.e. an alternative carrier operating this route.

and from Flashnews (in Greek), with photos and video:
https://flashnews.gr/post/528869/foni-a ... n7lWpYkH8g

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Re: Damaged NEN ferry in Agia Roumeli

by sethuk » 06 Jul 2022, 14:29

Hello Jean
re Apollon the wreck.
I returned yesterday after three weeks in Agia Roumeli. Wonderful weather: wonderful time.
I have several photos of the wrecked boat which I cannot post on this site.
She lies tied to the quay, sunken resting on the rocks.
There have been local protests against NEN, including blocking the docking of its small ferry boat still plying the Paleochora/Souyia run.
Local knowledge is that recovery/salvage costs would be between 500k euros & 1 million euros, which NEN do not have.
They are not happy with the "temporary" boom still in place as they do not think it would stand up to one of the mighty storms that can occur on this coast at any time of year.
Also local fishermen are deprived of half a pier!
That's all from me.
Seth @--@

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Re: Damaged NEN ferry in Agia Roumeli

by kokkinos vrachos » 07 Jul 2022, 10:56

Kalimera Seth, thank you for your updated information.

In May 2019, there were problems with NEN Kritis' ship Talos.
https://www.kriti24.gr/chania-apagoreyt ... ase-vlavi/

I have always enjoyed travelling with small boats from NEN Kritis. NEN Kritis has been cheaper than Anendyk Seaways and also faster than Anendyk Seaways car ferries.

The homepage of NEN Kritis is currently not available.

Best regards from Hamburg, kv
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Re: Damaged NEN ferry in Agia Roumeli

by Robert » 22 Jul 2022, 16:00


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Re: Damaged NEN ferry in Agia Roumeli

by Robert » 23 Jul 2022, 18:24

Owww...i forgotten to say...this is the ferry that was mentioned.

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Re: Damaged NEN ferry in Agia Roumeli

by Noah » 05 Aug 2022, 11:22

Thanks for the information.

What is the current status of this wreck at Agia Roumeli please?

Has it affected ferry schedules around Sfakia?

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