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Road to Rousies

Posted: 08 Jun 2022, 17:02
by jean h
I had a welcome message from Jean Bienvenu today showing that the road to Rousies (for the path to Pachnes) has been opened up, and the piles of snow lining it show how difficult that job was!


Re: Road to Rousies

Posted: 09 Jun 2022, 07:33
by jean h
And here is how they clear such a large mass of snow – photos from a Facebook page, sent to me by George Dalidakis.


Re: Road to Rousies

Posted: 10 Jun 2022, 20:01
by Joan
Amazing shots - thank you.
We'll delay visiting until August!

Re: Road to Rousies

Posted: 12 Jun 2022, 13:27
by jan
We'll be in Anopolis in a few days - currently at the Small Paradise (Lykos). I don't know when Jean B's photo was taken but it's been very hot this past week so any remnants of snow still on the road will, I guess, have melted though the heaps at the side of the road could be still there.

Re: Road to Rousies

Posted: 20 Jun 2022, 08:44
by jean h
Jean Bienvenue just sent this photograph, taken this morning: