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Omalos April 23rd

by Joan » 24 Apr 2022, 08:07

We re-visited Omalos yesterday, and were amazed by the abundance of tulips. ASuch a change in less than a fortnight - hey were everywhere! There were plenty still in bud too, so they will remain good for a visit in the next week or more.
We also saw the last remnants of scillas and crocuses low on the track to Kallergi, some widow irises and loads of anemones in every possible colour.
We'd been to the tulip fields above Spili on April 20th. More pics follow - they are very different from the Omalos ones.











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Re: Omalos April 23rd

by kiki » 24 Apr 2022, 09:15

Very beautiful, thanks !

Marie and Andrew
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Re: Omalos April 23rd

by Marie and Andrew » 24 Apr 2022, 18:50

Hello Joan,

Thanks a lot for the beautiful pictures. We are so glad for you that the tulips were in bloom which they were not first week in April when we were there and some told us that they might not be in bloom this year because of the hard winter and a lot of snow very late in the spring.

Best regards
Marie and Andrew Sweden

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