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Sfakia report, April 14th – Aradena

by jean h » 15 Apr 2022, 06:55

Yesterday we drove up to Aradena, stopping before Anopoli to look along the coast and down on Sweetwater beach, where the Samaria was passing by.

view from road to Anopolis.JPG

Sweetwater beach and Samaria.JPG

The view going around the first corner into Anopoli always takes our breath away (in spite of clutter in the foreground), and we were grateful to have such a clear blue sky.

first view of Anopoli.JPG

Along the road to Aradena there are many pear trees in full bloom.

pear tree in full bloom.JPG

The parking lot was full at the Aradena cafe, so many people must be hiking down the gorge now. Some Greeks were making a film using a drone, briefly stopping cars from crossing the the bridge to do so.

Aradena gorge.JPG

The main Aradena church of Archangel Michael has a new metal door and a new stone-faced annex, presumably so some people can sit in the shade during feast days.

Aradena church.JPG

new addition to church.JPG

We always enjoy the old ruins with their cameras (arches) and external stairways, and as usual a goat standing in a window. A cuckoo was calling as we wandered through the village.

goat in window.JPG

We walked to the start of the old kaldirimi. Normally we would expect to find some dragon arums to be blooming but saw none, and the delphiniums are still very small (those we saw below Komitades the day before are developing buds already). There was only a little water in the reservoir, so the plants need some rain.


We found one cyclamen and a few quandripunctata orchids below the road by the view to the footpath.

Cyclamen criticum.JPG

Back in Sfakia, there were many people sunning themselves on Vrisi beach. With Western Easter this weekend, there are many tourists staying here now; we’ve heard conversations in French, Italian, Polish, Hebrew, and Finnish as well as the expected German and English.

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