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jean h
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Random observations

by jean h » 15 Apr 2022, 05:45

A few miscellaneous notes:

Our friend Marcel has been exploring the area on his e-bike and offers the following observations on roads and cafes:

The cafe after the last tunnel on the road from Imbros to Sfakia is no longer there, but the viewpoint is worth stopping for.

Livaniana – the road is now asphalted all the way into the village. The cafe is open for bottled drinks, operating on an honesty system. The entrance is below the road this year. There is now a rough dirt road all the way to the church on the footpath that leads into the Aradena gorge, and a new church has been constructed near it.

Livaniana cafe.jpg

new church beyond Livaniana.jpg

Aradena – the cafe on the bridge is now open.

Aradena cafe.JPG

Down the coast – The coastal road between Korakas beach and Souda (before Plakias) has now been asphalted.

As mentioned a few weeks ago by Marie and Andrew, the sea level is low around the coast, which is evident if you look at markings on the rocks. We asked some fishermen about it, and they said this has been the case all winter, making it difficult to get into and out of small boats from the old harbour and other landing sites. Since the level of the Med. is higher in general, it would be interesting to hear an explanation for this.

low sea level.JPG

And Marie asked for a photo of a mimosa – there are so many in full bloom now in Sfakia, so here is a nice one from the village for you:


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Re: Random observations

by Birgitta » 15 Apr 2022, 06:55

Oh, lovely mimosa!

Marie and Andrew
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Re: Random observations

by Marie and Andrew » 18 Apr 2022, 19:15

Hello Jean,
Thanks for your report.
It was so Nice of you to send The photo of The mimosa, because We have been passing so many bushes with yellow flowers in Sfakia and on the way to Frangocastello but none of them were mimosa unfortunately, so I am very pleased. Thanks a lot.
We heard that the road to Liviana has been asfalted which means that even we, with our little car, can venture there now for the first time.

Best regards
Marie and Andrew

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