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Flower report (non-orchids), Anopoli April 5th

by jean h » 06 Apr 2022, 10:39

And here are the other types of flowers we saw in Anopoli yesterday:

Lupins (of course!) but not so many as usual this time of year:
lupins and red anemonies.JPG

There were lots of anemones - purple, red and pink ones:
purple anemone.JPG

red anemone.JPG

purple anemonies.JPG

We saw a few Tragopogon hybridus

The almond trees were in various stages of bloom, some just starting, some full out:
almond tree.JPG

And the Barbary nut iris (Gynandriris sisyrinchium) opened very late in the afternoon - we passed so many groups of them with the buds closed in tight fists, but as we left the Anopoli taverna at 3:30, they had finally opened. There were a few Star of Bethlehem plants together with one group

Barbary nut iris (Gynandriris sisyrinchium).JPG

Barbary nut iris (Gynandriris sisyrinchium) and star of Bethlehem (Ornithogalum nutans).JPG

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