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Sfakia report, April 5thth-6th

by jean h » 06 Apr 2022, 07:47

Yesterday three of us went up to Anopolis to see the flowers (Wiltrud is here with a car, which makes it easier). The sky was still full of Sahara dust, so the views of the mountains were hazy, but the profusion of colourful flowers was clear as we walked along an old path behind the fields. It was a very warm day, with only a little breeze. (I'll put flower photos in another posting.)


The sky is clearer this morning, but we still can't see Gavdos.

Last night the Delfini and Nikos' restaurants had all their outside tables full. Ombrosgialos opens today, and the Lefka Ori taverna should open tomorrow. There are more tourists in the village now, and staying overnight so it is worth having more restaurants open. Every day gets more lively.

The electricity is supposed to go off for repairs this morning, so I’ll get this posted now…

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