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Sfakia report, April 3rd

by jean h » 03 Apr 2022, 14:17

It has been hazy again today, though with less dust in the air. There was a cool breeze coming off the sea this morning which died down a lot in the late afternoon, but out of the wind it was warm all day.

I took a short hike up the old footpath to where it turns in to the Ilingas gorge, looking for flowers I’ve found around there in previous years. I spotted two types of orchid (bee orchid [Ophrys], and pyramid orchid just starting to open), and a few of the usual poppies, white Ranunculus, and small flowers of various colours.

Ilingas gorge.JPG

bee orchid.JPG

pyramid orchid.JPG

poppy and daisies.JPG

white ranunculus.JPG

From the road above Ilingas beach, only goats could be seen searching for something green to eat among the stones.
Ilingas beach.JPG

A crew of three people have been carrying out a topographical survey of the village for the past few days and have only done the area around the old harbour and Vrissi beach so far. We were told that the last such survey was done in the 1960s, so an update is long overdue.

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