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Sfakia October 2021

by jan@olsenevents.dk » 26 Oct 2021, 10:35

We have just come back from our yearly October vacation in Sfakia. We were in town for 2 weeks and had typical October weather although more rainy and windy days than usual - but hey - it was October.... At least it created a nice little waterfall from the road down to sea (see picture). But we also had lots of sunshine ....

As said by others - the town was more busy than what we usual experience. Nikos from Nikos taverna described it as " we have had the same number of tourists like before - just in a shorter time frame from the lift of lock down". Most restaurants were nearly full every night - obviously good for business - but our friends all are tired and look forward to the end of season.

All business were open apart from Xenia of course. It was good to talk with Georg from Xenia hotel who now cook in Lefki Ori after Andreas sadly left us. He brought a long some of his Xenia dishes so it is now a kind of fusion between the two.

Regarding Xenia; all believe it will re-open in spring but maybe in a different format - we will have to wait and see.

Somebody made a nice creation in Aradena gorge (see picture). We approached the gorge from the plains to the west down a well marked path. In Anopolis the Sunday roast tradition was a good to experience..... Apart from that we did Seloudha walk (see description in the "walks" section), a nice walk to Imbros tower with great views. An easy 2,5km walk - easy to find path at first (at the corner of the main road from Imbros and the road to Kalikratis) but then the path disappears so you have to go for the top.. On top of course the usual walks by the Sea to nearby beaches and also to the gorges close to Sfakia...'

Have nice winter....

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Marie and Andrew
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Re: Sfakia October 2021

by Marie and Andrew » 29 Oct 2021, 13:23

Hello Jan,
Thanks for your report. It sounds like you have had some hikes/walkes in the are and a very nice time. We also received a video from Sotiris at Samaria showing a waterfall running down the steps leading from the
Bus stop down to the village before we arrived here the 19th. Thanks the same to you - have a nice winter.
Best regards
Marie and Andrew

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