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Arrived to Chora Sfakia yesterday

by Marie and Andrew » 22 Oct 2021, 17:42

Hello Sfakiafriends,

Yesterday we arrived to Chora Sfakion after we spent two days on Akrotiri peninsula. We visited the grave and the house (museum) of Eleftherios Venizelos who has been the leader of the country several times. He was a great statesman who has shaped the modern Greece.

And we went to the greek singer Mikes Theodorakis grave in Galatas who only died the 2nd of September this year. Sweden is the first country who will have a tribute concert for him the 12 of December in Stockholm and the 13th of December in Gothenburg (where we bought tickets for, only 220 km away from where we live). Perhaps something for you Annelie in Stockholm.

And it is so nice to be back. Our flight was cancelled in April but now we are here again.
We have lovely weather here so far, 20 degrees now at 8 o’clock pm. It is a lot of tourists here - we have never seen so many people at this time of the year. All the hotels are fully booked.
We went to Thea Cafe as usual when we arrived for a glass of white wine and we noticed that they also had built a lovely conservatory so people can sit inside on a sofa and chairs, which will be a snug in the winter with a new bar in there as well.

Bye for now
Marie and Andrew

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