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Daytrip to Gavdos

by Annelie » 28 Sep 2021, 18:36

Yesterday we went to Gavdos for the first time!
We took the Agia Roumeli Ferry at 09:30 from Sfakia and arrived at Gavdos 1hr 15 min later. The sea was calm and beautiful!
We spent 5 hrs swiming and hiking before the boat went back.
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kokkinos vrachos
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Re: Daytrip to Gavdos

by kokkinos vrachos » 29 Sep 2021, 16:15

Kalispera Annelie, a stay on Gavdos was unfortunately already 9 years. Gavdos is actually too good for a day trip. You should stay on Gavdos for a few days, or spend a few weeks here like the freaks on the beach ...

I wrote a short report about my stay on Gavdos in September 2012:

Gavdos: With Gaddafi in the kafenion

After the Discovery Channel called Agios Ioannis Beach one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, a documentary about Gavdos ran on CCN, and in 2012 a photo exhibition about the people of Gavdos was shown in the library of Utrecht, and Bush Senior on Gavdos Has ever been jogging - My fears were in vain, Gavdos is still an island of calm.

Difficult arrival over

Although the Mediterranean island of Gavdos (37 km2) in the Libyan Sea is the southernmost inhabited island in Europe, it is no longer an adventurous destination, as it was until the mid-1990s, when Gavdos was still asleep. Up until the late 20th century the journey could take up to 10 hours, today it takes 2-4 hours to cross from Crete to Gavdos. You can now reach Gavdos like any other small Dodecanese or Cycladic island without any problems. You first have to go to a larger island and then continue by boat.
In the last few years the island could only be reached irregularly from Crete by small post boat, which no longer drove from wind force 5, but a car ferry has now been operating for a few years. In 2010 the car ferry Samaria der Anendyk was shut down for safety reasons and rebuilt in 2011. In 2010 there was therefore the first demonstration in history on Gavdos.
Now the Samaria sails from Crete to Gavdos on four or five days. There are no other ferry lines.

Tourists and workers thrown together

The visitors to Gavdos can be divided into three groups. Those who come for 2-3 days, who stay one to two weeks, many have been coming to Gavdos for 10-15 years and the dozen freaks who often brave the sun and wind on the beach for weeks in the tent.
The tourists come from Crete, Athens, Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Norway and Israel .....
The workforce on Gavdos is just as global as the guests. They come from Albania, Pakistan and Lebanon. The workers from the Arab countries commute between Gavdos and Hania / Crete.

Once 8,000 inhabitants, today 20-30 year-round

Once more than 8,000 people lived on Gavdos, this was during the Byzantine period (900 to 1,000), there were 500 in 1882. Today a little more than 100 people live on Gavdos in summer, in winter only 20-30. In Paleochora / Crete there is a quarter where almost only Gavdiotes live.

You hardly see any children on the island. At the moment 1 child is going to primary school (2 teachers) and 4 young people to grammar school (5 teachers).
Several non-Gavdiotes now also live on the island. Starting with the policeman, fire brigade, teachers and the doctor. There are also some Greeks, Germans, Italians and Ukrainians from Chernobyl ...

The Gavdiotes are very nice people, very tolerant. Every car stops when hitchhiking.

The villages

There are a few accommodations in the port town of Karaves. In the tavern and in the kafenion, where there is also a mini market, all Gavdioten meet two hours before the ferry arrives.

Sarakiniko (from Saracens) on the sandy beach have gradually become stone houses from simple wooden boys. Half a dozen taverns, some accommodations (some of which are open all year round), a supermarket and a car / scooter rental. Most of them now live here, in the summer when the families from Crete and the rest of the world come, the number increases to 100. Most of the accommodations and taverns close in mid-October and the residents move to Crete.

Kastri on a hill (220 m) in the interior of the island with the administrative center, school, post office, doctor, police, bakery, two taverns and some accommodations is the main town.

In Vatsiana, the southernmost village in Europe, only a handful of Gavdiotes live, including the priest. In 1950 there were 100. There is a small museum.

Korfos is located in a quiet bay. Two taverns rent accommodation.

Agios Ioannis, many wild campers on the beach in summer. Two-three taverns with accommodations and a small mini market.

Korfos and Agios Ioannis are deserted and uninhabited from mid-October.

In the village of Ambelos only one family lives between dozen of house runies. Ambelos is located in the northwest of the island at an altitude of 300 meters and is the highest settlement on the island. Here you have the feeling the world is over.

In Ambelos and Vatsiana time seems to have stood still.

330 days of sun

In the wild nature and the beautiful landscape you can go on beautiful hikes lasting several hours. There are also beautiful beaches. The sun shines 330 days a year. The weather is good until November, the sea invites you to swim. Sometimes it rains in October two weeks after that the weather is good again.

What makes the island of Gavdos so unique is the feeling of abandonment and isolation. The island of Gavdos is located 35 km south of Crete in the Libyan Sea and is therefore geographically the southern one hottest island in Europe. It is only 260km to the north African coast.

I will come back.

Oh yes, the Gavdiotes claim that Gaddafi lives on Gavdos. ... m-kafenion

Ta Leme, kv
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