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Help needed to save 2 goats!

by wiklu » 27 Sep 2021, 14:45

Already last year Klaus J. managed to save a goat who somehow got into a sort of dried-up well. (See last year's post!) It is almost unbelievable that again two animals are caught at the same location in Giorgitsi. Klaus who has been feeding them for one and a half week by now requires help to get them out. He is sure, two persons the same strength should be able to liberate the two animals easily. He is to be contacted at Hotel Stavris in Sfakia. Locals, for the time being, are too busy to organise things.

jean h
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Re: Help needed to save 2 goats!

by jean h » 27 Sep 2021, 15:25

And here are photos of the poor goats sent by Klaus. We hope someone nearby reading this thread will help get them out!



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Re: Help needed to save 2 goats!

by klaus » 28 Sep 2021, 16:23

in the name of the goats i want to thank all helping hands for to rescue the two animals! they are safe now. special thanks to iannis and wiltrud!

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