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Back in Sfakia

by Annelie » 25 Sep 2021, 16:13

We arrived Friday lunch to Sfakia!
It was an extremly busy day, so we did not find any parking for our car. The New harbour, the ordinary parking everywere was full. We also heard that the Sweetwater beach was completly crowded and went for a swim at Vrissi beach and were lucky to find an empty space in the sand.

From what we heard September have been crazy, like August. Good business but exhausting for our friends.
Today we went to Sweetwater beach and found it very very quiet, like a day in May and today lots of parking space availible.
Beautiful day, sunny, 25-30 degrees, warm water and swimming was awsome.
Back in the village we took a walk up to Niki and Markos new Bakery in the upper village. The view from there is stunning. We had a lovely coffe and a nice chatt.
We will stay for a week and accorrding to the weather reports we will have plenty of sunshine.

Best greetings

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Re: Back in Sfakia

by Annelie » 25 Sep 2021, 16:22

Sorry, don’t know what happened with the photos!

Marie and Andrew
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Re: Back in Sfakia

by Marie and Andrew » 25 Sep 2021, 18:47

Hello Annelie,
Sooo nice to hear that you are back in Sfakia. Where are you stayling? Thanks alot for the nice photoes. Three weeks ago we came home from Crete, we were in Agios Nikolaos on the north east coast and landed in Heraklion. We are coming to Sfakia the last two weeks in October again. Have a very nice stay.

Best regards
Marie and Andrew

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Re: Back in Sfakia

by Birgitta » 26 Sep 2021, 12:32

Thank you for the pictures!
I hope you send more.

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