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jean h
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† Andreas Fasoulakis

by jean h » 30 Jul 2021, 07:16

We are so very sorry to tell members of the Forum that Andreas Fasoulakis, the owner of the Lefka Ori restaurant and hotel, has passed away after recent poor health and surgery. He was 87. Our deepest sympathy go out to his wife Evangelia and children Giorgos, Manolis, Giannis, and Maria.

We came to know Andreas during our first stay in Sfakia more that 40 years ago, and his warmth, hospitality, lively story telling and sense of humour, and wonderful food are part of the reason we kept coming back year after year. We can’t imagine Sfakia without him, and are grateful for having had the privilege of his good company for so long.

Rest in peace, dear old friend.


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Re: † Andreas Fasoulakis

by SfakianPie » 30 Jul 2021, 10:13

Such sad news, rest in peace old friend. We knew you and enjoyed your food for nineteen years and always ate at the Lefka Ori .Our deepest condolences to the family.

jean h
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Re: † Andreas Fasoulakis

by jean h » 30 Jul 2021, 17:06

And here is today's' funeral announcement for Andreas.

Andreas' funeral.jpeg

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Re: † Andreas Fasoulakis

by Annelie » 30 Jul 2021, 21:03

Very sad news!
My deepest condolences to Andreas family and friends!

Marie and Andrew
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Re: † Andreas Fasoulakis

by Marie and Andrew » 31 Jul 2021, 06:39

That was very sad news. R.I.P Andreas. We really like to stay and eat at Lefka Ori and are going to miss him. Our condolences goes to his family. Thanks Jean for letting us know.

Marie and Andrew

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Re: † Andreas Fasoulakis

by Pinar » 02 Aug 2021, 06:53

Very sad news. Deepest consolences to his family, friends and you all. Rest in peace dear Andreas.

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Re: † Andreas Fasoulakis

by arnulf » 02 Aug 2021, 11:38

This was very sad! Our deepest condolences to the family!

A great man is gone!

Was he the last one in Sfakia who really took part in the operations during WW2??


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Re: † Andreas Fasoulakis

by kiki » 02 Aug 2021, 15:16

Very sad news ! My deep condolences for his family and friends .

Every time when I was in Chora Sfakion I like to eat in Lefka Ori and admired Andreas standing with high age in the kitchen cooking so good food . And I know him out of the wonderful book from Peter Trudgill "In Sfakia" .

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Re: † Andreas Fasoulakis

by Dorthe » 10 Aug 2021, 10:55

Our sincerest condolensces.
Sfakia won't be quite the same now.
Henning and Dorthe

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