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jean h
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Xenia hotel not open

by jean h » 19 May 2021, 11:26

It is very sad to learn from the Xenia Hotel website that it will probably not be open this summer. This is because the owner, Giannis Braos, died without a will, and the wider family has not found a resolution to ownership of the hotel. Let’s hope that they can come to some arrangement soon so that the Xenia does’t sit empty for years like the Alkyon did. And while the Xenia’s restaurant was a separate business, it has not opened either. This situation is very bad for the whole village as well as for the individuals employed there.
http://sfakia-xenia-hotel.gr/el/home/in ... 31lP5KZoGs

Dear customers
We are in a particularly unpleasant position to inform you that we cannot accept your reservation due to legal procedures arosed after the sudden death of the owner Gianni Braos.
The Xenia Hotel is not going to operate for the time being and may not be opereational for this summer.
We are really sorry we wont be able to welcome Xenia's customers the dates were planning to visit Sfakia.
We feel sorry for the incovinience that causes this fact to your plans. We hope that you understand the diffulties we face and we also hope that we have your understatnding.
We wish you to have health and pleasant summer vacation.

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Re: Xenia hotel not open

by jan@olsenevents.dk » 19 May 2021, 12:51

That is definitely bad news - first they have to deal with the shock of Braos leaving us - and then this aftermath. I fill sorry for both his family, the staff of Xenia and also the rest of the village. For the staff they not only are suffering for lack of income due to Covid now also this - I sincerely hope they find a way to cope with it.

Maybe some more insights from you Jean; Do you think this will actually not be solved this season or is there hope for September/October?


jean h
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Re: Xenia hotel not open

by jean h » 19 May 2021, 13:14

I have no insights to offer into the Greek inheritance system or the Sfakian mind, sorry!

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Re: Xenia hotel not open

by deadeggs » 19 May 2021, 19:02

Don't know what the situation is like in Greece with inheritance laws, but in France, it could go on for years.

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