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tourist in sfakia

by wiklu » 24 Apr 2021, 13:41

I managed to arrive in Sfakia Sunday evening with gloomy weather conditions with lots of Sahara dust. But soon after, a cool and strong southwesterly wind cleared the sky and blue sky and blue sea made forget all stressful travel regulations .I live in a accomodation with - previously announced - little service. I am able to buy food and drinks and do excursions in the area. It is strange to see almost no foreigners and live with very quiet evening because of curfew. Everyone hopes for business soon. But it also depends on regulations for testing and quarantine in the different home countries.
Stay safe everyone!






jean h
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Re: tourist in sfakia

by jean h » 24 Apr 2021, 15:56

Thanks so much for your posting and the photos, Wiltrud - it's lovely to see the village again, and we're glad that the 12 Apostle's church tower has been renovated before falling down. We're sure you'll thoroughly enjoy your stay, and look forward to more postings from time to time.

Marie and Andrew
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Re: tourist in sfakia

by Marie and Andrew » 24 Apr 2021, 16:12

Hello Wiltrud. Sooo nice for you to be down there in the village and thanks for the pictures you enclosed, We as Jean are looking forward to more pictures when you have time to send. We were supposed to come in April as well. We had booked a flight with Norwegian Copenhagen to Chania which they cancelled about 6 weeks ago, and then we booked with the swedish packed holiday company Ving just a seat Malmö (south of Sweden) to Heraklion 22-29 of April but they cancelled that one as well because of the restrictions in Greece. So we are hoping to come in October instead like last year. Enjoy you stay Wiltrud and take care.

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Re: tourist in sfakia

by wiklu » 25 Apr 2021, 05:15

I am sorry the pictures show upside down. I have only a smartphone with me. And my compression App does not work correctly with the website's software. If you click on the photo, you'll see it in the right position.
On one of the photos near the main church it is possible to detect the site of the new accomodation buildings. There are still working activities going on.

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Re: tourist in sfakia

by Annelie » 25 Apr 2021, 16:05

Hello Wiltrud and thank you for sharing your wonderful photos!
Look forward to your next post!
Enjoy your stay!

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Re: tourist in sfakia

by bearbommi » 26 Apr 2021, 11:40

It is April and Wiltrud is in Sfakia! Is this the first sign of returning to normality? It is good to hear, that You are back in Sfakia. We hope to meet You again in October, when we are planning to visit Sfakia. Have a good time and share more pictures with us. Please stay healthy and in good shape.

jean h
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Re: tourist in sfakia

by jean h » 28 Apr 2021, 20:08

And here are a few more local photos Wiltrud sent me - hope they come through right-side up!

Outside the Thea cafe on the road into Sfakia:
Thea cafe.jpg

The bakery in Mesohori renovated by Markos and Niki:
Mesohori bakery.jpeg

The renovated Panorama hotel:
renovated Panorama.jpg

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Re: tourist in sfakia

by Kuno » 29 Apr 2021, 07:28

Not being able to go to Sfakia last year and still not sure, if its possible this year, it's a bit of relief, to see those photos!
Now @ Wiltrud: if you could just manage to repair the webcam(s)... :lol:

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