When is it estimated that the tourist season in Crete will open this year? Everything you want to ask, read or write about Sfakia, southwest Crete, or Crete island in general.

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When is it estimated that the tourist season in Crete will open this year?

by Erno » 23 Feb 2021, 11:44

When is it estimated that the tourist season in Crete will open this year? - 23 February, 2021


When is an even timid start to the season expected in Crete - What about bookings

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic dealt a major blow to the tourism sector, among others . Expectations for a recovery in 2021 do not seem to be coming true, but the future is not as bad for tourism as last year.

In any case, it is a dynamic situation, that is, constantly evolving, that is, which leaves no room for safe calculations.

When is even ... a timid start of the season for this year expected?

The situation, although we are at the end of February, remains quite fluid and everything shows that the start of the season will be postponed this year as well. The first estimates place the beginning of the period around May. As the Mandated Regional Advisor in the field of Tourism and e-Government, Kyriakos Kotsoglou, states in Flashnews.gr: in July we can say that it will reach 70-80%. "A 'difficult May' is 'necessary' to have a restrained start, but one that will lead to a dynamic completion."

Reservations are postponed even to 2022

At the level of bookings at this time, the situation is quite unstable and fluid as expected. "Bookings are at low rates, several from April, May and June are" shifted "for 2022. For this year there will be a lot of last minute booking and certainly intense competition, both in Greece and abroad. At the same time the touroperators move to defensive levels. They are doing what they call de-Commitment from the 100% Guarantee agreements they have had to a large extent. "I believe that a new situation will develop between organized tourism and independent travelers, but we will see." points out Mr. Kotsoglou

What a loss the island counts for 2020

Crete survived and through the pandemic managed to seal its brandname and make the destination synonymous with security. However, it is still a lost year with Crete counting big losses. "In 2020, tourism was hit hard, despite all efforts to keep seasonal hotels open and efforts to extend the tourist season until November. But we are definitely talking about a lost year with the size of the loss reaching 80% for Greece and 75% for Crete. If we have to keep something from 2020 is the fact that Crete answered the question "Where could I travel safely in 2020?" thus strengthening its brandname, which we will see in the coming years turning into the recovery of our tourism", emphasizes Mr. Kotsoglou

It will take years for tourism to become normal again

The mandated councilor of the region, expresses his optimism that this summer will not be lost in any case, and states that he will be much better than last year, unless something unexpected and unexpected happens and concludes: "But the state should further support the people - entrepreneurs of tourism as well as the workers, so that it passes as smoothly as possible in 2021 and we enter into a tourism regularity from 2022 so that we can begin to overcome the consequences of the pandemic, which will take a long time, years .... »

From: https://flashnews.gr/post/453195/pote-e ... rhth-fetos
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