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The Aradena bridge in Sfakia is absolutely safe again

by Erno » 01 Feb 2021, 10:00

The Aradena bridge in Sfakia is absolutely safe again - 1 February, 2021


In July 2020, had highlighted the problem that existed on the Aradena bridge with the significant damage to its wooden floor, due to the passage of many cars as the metal bridge built in the 1980s connects the two sides of the Aradena gorge and in this way the villages that are west, such as Agios Ioannis, with Anopoli and the rest of Sfakia.

In the context of the report, the General Director of the Technical Services of the Region of Crete, Mrs. Eleni Doxaki, had stated that “the project has been assigned to a contractor. We are looking to find better quality wood from abroad, which will have a better response and will be impregnated with the appropriate material to withstand more time, due to stress and damage.

Eventually the appropriate timber was found and all the timber on the deck floor was replaced, which is now completely safe.

It is reminded that the bridge was donated by the Vardinogiannis brothers, while the contribution of the then Prefectural Councilor Sifis Manousakis, from Skaloti Sfakia, was also very important. It was also a "work of life" of Theodoros Polyrakis who had served for 33 years as a community leader in Agios Ioannis Sfakia.

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