Report: Sfakia - late October / early November Everything you want to ask, read or write about Sfakia, southwest Crete, or Crete island in general.

kokkinos vrachos
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Report: Sfakia - late October / early November

by kokkinos vrachos » 05 Nov 2020, 17:00

In June 2019 my observations in Agia Roumeli were that there are fewer taverns than in the past. Instead, it is now more fast food places - all of them offer hamburgers and draft beer. There was plastic advertising everywhere - almost like Las Vegas.

Now on October 26th, Agia Roumeli had already closed 95%. I think more than 2-3 at most 4 taverns were no longer open. The two supermarkets were still open. However, the range was significantly reduced. The souvenir shops were all closed.

3 people camped in the beautiful little Tarmarisk wood. Agia Roumeli was already dead. Agia Roumeli is rarely experienced so wonderfully calm.

In Loutro it was difficult to get another coffee on October 26th. Here too, 95% of the time everything was closed.

All the taverns were busy getting their taverns ready for winter, the terraces and pergolas were dismantled, as were the wooden bars.

Daskalogiannis, Madares, Akrogial Beach Cafe and the Stratis tavern were also up. The beach bar Kastelas upstairs was also open. The 3 mini markets were still open - here too the range and the shelves were already very thin.

There were maybe 15-20 guests on the beach.

The garbage of the season piled up at the pier, along with a number of refrigerators, mattresses, chairs and other rubbish.

No one from the locals said hello. Quite a strange people in Loutro. I lost it anyway when a boat with refugees was brought to Loutro 4 weeks ago and none of the locals in Loutro ever brought the refugees water or something to eat. What a shame.

In my favorite place, Sougia, it has always been beautiful.

But even here some things were closed at the end of October. In the beach road towards the harbor, only Lotos Seaside, Santa Irene and Syva were still on. (The Livikon has a new owner, no more drinking in the evenings with live music - is now a grill house)

Galini, Omikron, Anchorage, and Rebetiko were still on at taverns. The Raki Bar was also open.

The two supermarkets and the bakery were still open.

In the evening a very relaxed atmosphere, early dark, light wind and the sound of the sea - only a few guests left in Sougia. A handful of VW buses and very few tents on the beach.

From November 1st, the bakery in Sougia was also closed. Likewise the top dogs Galini and Santa Irene.

Omikron, Anchorage, Rebetiko, Lotos Seaside and the Pelican Supermarket are still open.

In winter only Lotus is open, everything is closed in Sougia - including the two supermarkets. About 30 locals stay in Sougia during the winter.

I'm already missing Sougia ......

In Omalos, the Gigilos and Exari hotels were still open on November 1st. The Neos Omalos was already closed.

Nen Kritis' boats didn't go at all in October - I don't know if you went at all this summer. The current timetable is on the homepage .......

Ta Leme, kv
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Re: Report: Sfakia - late October / early November

by Marie and Andrew » 05 Nov 2020, 19:37

Hello Nikos,

Thank you very, very much for taking your time to write this detailed report from so many places on the south coast. It was sad to hear about Agia Roumeli that it has been opened so many fast food places which changes the atmosphere.

Last weekend we came home from Chora Sfakia and Georgioupoli after two weeks there. Beacause the restaurants are outside in Chora sfakion the staff did not have any facemask except Sotiris at Livikon/Samaria who delivered drinks to the customers.
We went to Wrisis one day to an internetcafe to try to send a report on Facebook to the 4 Greek groups we are in, and there no one had facemasks on either in the cafe or in the little supermarket.
When we flow home to south of Sweden via Copenhagen airport last weekend the wearing of a facemask outside had just come in to affect that weekend, and we drove from Georgioupoli to Chania airport and did not see many of the people out wearing a facemack. We stopped at a cafe/bacery to buy tea and pies for the flight and there were many workers as well there and none of the or the staff in the bacery had facemasks.

Have a good winter Nikos in Germany,

Hopefully we will come back in April 2021, which was booked many, many month ago, when we had to change already booked tickets for 2020, but only the future will tell.

Best regards
Marie and Andrew (Sweden)

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Re: Report: Sfakia - late October / early November

by deadeggs » 05 Nov 2020, 21:05

Really appreciate all this information.
Nice to read all the small details which brings back our loving memories of this region.
Safe and healthy winter to you all and let's hope 2021 will see things back to normal.

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