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Samaria gorge closed tomorrow due to severe weather conditions

by Erno » 19 Oct 2020, 13:56

Samaria gorge closed tomorrow due to severe weather conditions - 19 October, 2020

The Directorate of Forests of Chania announces that tomorrow, Tuesday 20-10-20, due to the upcoming intense weather phenomena, the Samaria National Park will remain closed.

If the weather continues to be intense, the Forest will remain closed until the weather conditions normalize and it is judged that no damage has been done to the walkability of the path.

From: ... fainomenwn

According to the forecast data of the National Observatory of Athens /, a barometric low that will be formed on Monday 19/10 in the Eastern Mediterranean, is expected to extend to the Dodecanese region in the coming days. The result of the presence of this low will be the prevalence of north current in the Aegean, the noticeable drop in temperature and rainfall that will occur from time to time mainly in the south. The intensities of the north winds in the Aegean on the two days Tuesday 20/10 and Wednesday 21/10 will reach 8 beauforts locally.

It is pointed out that , from the evening hours of Tuesday 20/10 the weather in the South Aegean will show significant deterioration with heavy rains and thunderstorms, phenomena which in Crete are expected to persist until the morning hours of Thursday 22/10 giving very high rainfall levels, as shown in the forecast map below.

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