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goat rescued by tourists

by wiklu » 08 Oct 2020, 07:37

Three days ago, Klaus a regular guest with Stavris walked to Giorgitsi. There, in a dried-up well, he noticed a goat still alive. He reported the situation to locals. Big discussions! It was said, that the animals up there should belong to a shepherd from Anopolis. Two days later Klaus again walked up to check the location and found the goat still in the deep hole. He borrowed ladder, rope and some advice from a local person. In the middle of the hottest moment of the day he and his wife Ellen climbed up to Giorgitsi. Somehow they managed to feed the animal (who was panicking), to fix the rope around the horns and to pull it in a strenuous and exhausting action up to safe grounds. Finally it got rid of the rope and hastily ran away.





jean h
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Re: goat rescued by tourists

by jean h » 08 Oct 2020, 10:07

Well done, Klaus and Ellen! What a kind, humanitarian and strenuous rescue job! The goat's owner owes you a big thank-you and several drinks!

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Re: goat rescued by tourists

by Marie and Andrew » 08 Oct 2020, 15:56

That was a lovely story Wiltrud you put in the forum, that Klaus and Ellen saved the goat. Bravo Klaus and Ellen - well done.

Marie and Andrew

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Re: goat rescued by tourists

by Gerrit » 12 Oct 2020, 18:39

Good Job !! Klaus and Ellen! True Heroes!!!

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