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Re: Bad news about the beach webcam

by robertbean05 » 18 Sep 2020, 23:48

Well said deadeggs. I'm sure that you speak for so many of us who are thankful for the efforts of Erno and the vision of the beach cam which have become a daily ritual which helps us feel we still can keep some association with Sfakia.
Thank you Erno, please keep it up. Your efforts mean so much to so many.

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Good news about the beach webcam?

by Andy_C » 30 Sep 2020, 09:23

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Re: Bad news about the beach webcam

by Kuno » 01 Oct 2020, 11:13

Though i'm happy that there is a new cam, i must admit i miss the old cam, which in my opinion just had more soul to it, changing the picture just once in a minute...

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