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Aradena Bridge: Significant "damage" to wood, urgent repair required

by Erno » 08 Jul 2020, 09:54

Aradena Bridge: Significant "damage" to wood, urgent repair required - 8 July, 2020


A security issue is being raised at the Aradena Bridge in Sfakia, Chania, since the damage to the bridge's wood has been noticed and is significant.

This is the bridge whose construction began in 1985 and was completed in 1986, and is 138m high and is the highest in Greece and the second in Europe, which serves thousands of cars, trucks and pedestrians.

The truth is that due to the continuous use of the bridge by cars and trucks, the damage to its wood is a common situation, hence the Chania Sub-Region has almost every year to change it.

However, this process cannot continue since, as noted by the General Manager of the Technical Services of the Region of Crete, Mrs. Eleni Doxaki, "the project has been assigned to a contractor. We are looking to find better quality wood from abroad, which will have a better response and will be impregnated with the appropriate material to withstand more time due to stress and wear and tear".

In any case, as noted by the Chania Regional Government, there is no security issue at this time, but the change of wood must be done immediately. As Mrs. Doxaki notes, "this is expected to occur by the end of the summer."

The relevant procedures, with the sending of the documents to the Region, were made early by the Mayor of Sfakia, Manousos Chiotakis, as he noted in Flashnews. He also stressed that there is no question of security on the bridge.

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