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The road to Sfakia became very dangerous

by Erno » 06 Jul 2020, 19:57

The road to Sfakia became very dangerous - 6 July, 2020


The works stopped in the middle - Complaints from drivers for the incomplete marking

A very important problem has been created on the Imbros - Chora Sfakion road for a few days now.

Road widening works have stopped and the condition of the road is very dangerous for car drivers and especially for motorcyclists, as the road has a lot of stones and is very slippery.

The signage is incomplete, at night there is no lighting to warn the drivers, while the existing protective bar has been removed for a great stretch, with a serious risk of causing an accident.

In addition, iron rods have been installed almost in the middle of the new lane along the entire length of the road where the work is being done, but are little to no distinct, resulting in a risk of damage to vehicles, while motorcyclists are at serious risk of accidents if they fall, certainly when gravel is thrown at them by a passing vehicle.

Measures should be taken immediately to ensure the safety of drivers, as the road is busy, and it also serves many tourist buses that return visitors from the Samaria Gorge.

In a communication we had with the Deputy Regional Governor of Chania, Mr. Nikos Kalogeris, he informed us that there is an issue in the financing of the project which they are trying to solve, while the issue will be addressed immediately regarding the incomplete marking of the project.

See the relevant photos from the spot : ... fakia-fwto
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