Memories and Pictures of Sfakia, join! Everything you want to ask, read or write about Sfakia, southwest Crete, or Crete island in general.

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Memories and Pictures of Sfakia, join!

by Gerrit » 25 Apr 2020, 13:04

In these weird times and circumstances caused by COVID-19 I would like to invite all Sfakia forum visitors to post one or more of their favourite Sfakia pictures with a few lines from your memory. All together it will make a thrilling document dedicated to Sfakia! So although we are not sure we will be able to travel to Crete soon, we can all enjoy the pictures and stories

Here is my first picture (from a colour slide) of Chora Sfakion taken in 1981. For days I had walked the south coast from Paleochora to the east. The E4 was not signposted but the tracks were clear. After reaching Loutro I walked on to sweetwater. Spent the night on the sizzling hot beach and made the next day my way for Chora Sfakion. It is july 4th 1981. The jetty was full with beautiful fishing boats. The Santa Maria had just left. Since that year I managed to travel to Greece almost every year. Mostly Sfakia but also the mainland Peloponese and other islands. And yes, I am addicted......

Marie and Andrew
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Re: Memories and Pictures of Sfakia, join!

by Marie and Andrew » 28 Apr 2020, 19:37

Hello Gerrit.

That was a good idea of yours that we all should send pictures and memories.
We have now also looked in our albums and would like to share some of them to all of you.
We have been coming to Sfakia since the spring 2014 and stayed there 18 times so far and we hope their will be many more trips.

Have a nice summer everyone and hope to see you soon again in Sfakia.

Marie & Andrew [<>~]
Vertical Run.jpg
Vertical run October 2018 from Loutro to Anopoli
Lefka Ori
View from the three brothers restaurant
Sfakia Lamb dinner
A rainbow we drove thru in October 2018 on the way to Kalikrates
The owner Andreas at Lefkra Ori in April 2019
Our grandchild Colin

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Re: Memories and Pictures of Sfakia, join!

by Chris-Scone » 05 May 2020, 17:08

Great idea Gerrit.
From our most recent trip to Sfakia.
Our kids with two people you probably already know.

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Re: Memories and Pictures of Sfakia, join!

by Wolfgang » 23 Jul 2020, 19:33

nice idea to ask for historic pictures, and nice jetty and boats photo.
Just a note to the location: It is Plakias, not Chora Sfakion.


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@Wolfgang. Memories and Pictures of Sfakia, join!

by Gerrit » 29 Jul 2020, 15:07

Hallo Wolfgang

You are absolutely right! This is Plakias indeed!
My slides have been mixed up in the rack!
Now i am going to look for Chora Sfakion jetty!

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