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Re: The upcoming Greek summer will be something like this

Posted: 14 May 2020, 07:42
by deadeggs
Thanks Erno for all the information.
Good to see that lots of effort is being put into getting the holiday system working again.
We should, at this stage, keep our hopes high for a return to as near as normal as soon as possible.
I've got my suitcases on standby whilst waiting for the green light.
Again thanks and hope to see the beautiful island of Crete very soon

Re: The upcoming Greek summer will be something like this

Posted: 14 May 2020, 10:29
by Erno
Athens welcomes EU tourism roadmap for summer - 14 May, 2020


With the summer season around the corner, Greece was generally satisfied on Wednesday with the roadmap outlined by the European Commission regarding the resumption of tourism in the European Union.

“The Greek government welcomes the framework of guidelines and recommendations for tourism and transport presented by the European Commission today,” government spokesman Stelios Petsas said in a statement, adding that the formation of a common European framework was not a given. Greece played a key role in shaping the proposals, as it was the first country to raise the issue of tourism in the European public debate.

The EC proposals are nonbinding, and most European governments are pursuing their own customized plans at different speeds.

In a statement, the Commission said that “domestic and intra-EU tourism will prevail in the short term,” while non-essential travel to the bloc, like holidaymakers traveling from other countries, is set to remain disrupted for a longer period.

The proposal also said that airlines and airports must reorganize check-ins, drop-offs and luggage pickups to avoid crowds, and insists that passengers wear masks.

The Greek government was particularly pleased that its position that there is no need to leave the middle seat empty on planes was adopted. According to the Greek proposals, vacant seats between passengers was initially a deterrent for the companies and therefore for the entire tourist product.

At the same time, the Commission’s position that the lifting of travel restrictions to countries will initially apply to those with fewer coronavirus cases is something that favors Greece.

However, Athens’ proposal for tests to be conducted on travelers within a period of 72 hours before boarding the plane was not included in the Commission’s recommendations. The basic logic is that one can test negative and then contract the virus, in which case the 72-hour test would not help.

In any case, Greece’s comprehensive plan for tourism will be made public next week and is expected to heed the Commission’s guidelines, even though each country maintains a degree of autonomy.

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Re: The upcoming Greek summer will be something like this

Posted: 14 May 2020, 12:58
by Erno
Reopening of beaches a ‘test’ for tourism in Greece - 14 May, 2020



The decision to allow organized beaches to reopen this weekend, when temperatures are forecast to soar [35 - 40° C], will be an “important test” which Greece “must pass successfully” in its efforts to restart tourism, government spokesman Stelios Petsas said in a briefing on Thursday.

“Everyone is watching Greece because, so far, it has shown an exemplary response to the pandemic. Now we are called upon to demonstrate that, with rules and maturity, we can enjoy the beauty of our country safely during this summer,” he said.

This will be the best way to restarting domestic, but also foreign tourism, he added.

Petsas also announced that the government will unveil details of its plan to welcome tourists on Friday.

The details will include the health protocols required for air, shipping and road transport, so that both travellers and businesses know the new rules, he said.

Greece has announced it will reopen the country to tourists on July 1, provided that developments with the coronavirus pandemic allow it.

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Re: The upcoming Greek summer will be something like this

Posted: 16 May 2020, 13:40
by Erno
Restaurants and cafes in Greece set to reopen on May 25 - 16 May, 2020


As part of the government’s effort to expedite the return to normalcy for businesses in Greece, the competent state health authorities have approved the opening of restaurants, bars and cafes on May 25.

Meanwhile on Monday – and two weeks earlier than originally estimated – shopping malls, department stores and discount outlets will reopen.

Based on the guidelines announced by the Development Ministry, the use of a protective mask for staff and consumers in public spaces is strongly recommended.

The use of masks by staff and customers inside stores is mandatory.

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The way in which the catering companies will operate again is revealed in the Open TV bulletin, according to information coming from a reliable source who participates in the consultations between the infectious disease specialists and the government officials. What is certain is that the tables that will be set up in the restaurants will be for 4 people, or 5 if there is a family of five with 3 minors.

- Salt, pepper and dressing will all be disposable to minimize the contact of objects from person to person
- Antiseptics on the tables
- Masks, staff gloves
- Fans in closed spaces that will ventilate outwards
- Not in air conditioning

The big "thorn" in the consultation with the infectious disease specialists is how many tables will be set up, since on the one hand there are the health protocols that must be observed and on the other hand the profitability of the companies.

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Re: The upcoming Greek summer will be something like this

Posted: 16 May 2020, 19:39
by Erno

Re: The upcoming Greek summer will be something like this

Posted: 19 May 2020, 10:17
by Erno
Greek borders to open for travelers by July 1 - 19 May, 2020


Passengers of the first Lufthansa flight to Greece, following a nationwide lockdown against the spread of the coronavirus disease, queue keeping social distance as they wait to be tested on Covid-19, upon their arrival at Athens International Airport, on Monday.

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The government has decided to open Greek borders for tourists from the European Union, the Schengen area and Israel by July 1 at the latest, but possibly even earlier, from mid-June, Kathimerini understands.

The relevant announcements are expected on Wednesday or Thursday, along with the unveiling of the government’s plan to support the tourist industry.

According to the same sources, the country’s health authorities have already approved the government’s plan to let in tourists and only the date remains to be finalized. This will depend on the country’s epidemiological data, which are very encouraging at the moment.

The opening of the borders may also entail that seasonal hotels could start business from June 15 – year-round hotels will open from June 1. The relevant decisions will be made by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

International flights from some countries will have already started in the last week of May.

According to the government’s decision, incoming travelers will not be quarantined or required to take a test for the coronavirus.

Greece had requested these tests before the European Commission drafted a series of proposals last week regarding the free movement in the bloc. However, the request was not accepted by the EU nor by the European Center for Disease Prevention and the European Aviation Safety Agency, which decided that tests should not be a prerequisite for travel given the existing scientific data.

Individual countries will have the right to demand additional conditions, but the EU has demanded that the principle of nondiscrimination be respected.

As for air travel, it will be subject to specific protocols that include the observance of physical distancing at airports. Moreover, masks will be mandatory at airports and on board airplanes, while the completion of a special health questionnaire before the trip will be required.

As for the package for the tourism sector, Mitsotakis will also announce a series of support measures for transport, hotels and all the sectors involved in the sectors of hospitality and travel.

According to sources, these measures will include a reduction in VAT on tourist packages, transport and other affected areas of the tourist industry, as well as subsidizing labor.

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Re: The upcoming Greek summer will be something like this

Posted: 20 May 2020, 16:33
by mike
Thanks for the updates, Erno. As with everyone else, I have had to cancel my trip to Sfakia this month. Or, rather, the trip was cancelled for me. The Dutch public has reacted well to the guidelines for lock down in my corner of The Netherlands. Still, I wouldn't have complained if I had been trapped in Sfakia with a forced lock down. During my hiking the average social distance was on the order of 1km, and my early evenings in one or another village in May already kept to the now typical recommended social distance. I would have felt safe there.

The long list of procedures for opening up tourism are ... well, I have nothing against the various precautionary measures. Taken together, they can reduce the risk of spreading the corona virus. On the other hand, I'm not so sure that many of these guidelines are especially relevant to the 'family pension' sorts of accommodation that I use .. perhaps more relevant to the package holiday places on the north coast of Crete.

Meanwhile, I keep track of options for a short visit in September. I've always been, basically, nothing more than an occasional tourist. And yet, after more than 20 years' worth of yearly or even twice yearly visits, a different sort of bond does develop. One sees over the years children grow up, marry, have children of their own .. there is still that personal connection. Mainly, I'd like to return just to say hello to people I've known for a long time, to check up on how they are all doing.

Re: The upcoming Greek summer will be something like this

Posted: 21 May 2020, 10:49
by Erno
Greece says no coronavirus tests, no quarantine for tourists this summer - 21 May, 2020


Tourists will be allowed to enter Greece without taking a coronavirus test or remaining in quarantine when international flights restart on July 1, but health officials will conduct spot tests when required, Tourism Minister Haris Theoharis said on Wednesday.

Theoharis presented specific measures to revive the battered tourism industry following a televised address by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis who unveiled a comprehensive plan to restart the economy.

Flights will initially only land in Athens’ International Airport when services resume on June 15 but will eventually extend to all the airports as of July 1, he said.

The first tourists will be from countries where epidemiological data is encouraging and mentioned the Balkans (Bulgaria) and countries in northern Europe, such as Germany.

Theoharis said authorities will boost the healthcare capacity of several tourist destinations by providing tests and doctors, as well as an operational plan for the handling of possible infections (a hotel doctor, quarantine areas and transfer to a health facility).

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In the process of boosting the healthcare capacity in Greece, one aspect is not mentionned: nursing staff.

They will do it by admitting non-qualified nursing staff, which already leads to this:

Nursing staff of state-run hospitals will hold a four-hour work stoppage on Thursday to protest what it described as “divisionary” policies, their union POEDIN said on Wednesday.

The union said that the Health Ministry has created two separate branches in staff, nurses and assistant nurses, which “will interrupt the operation of hospitals and create acute problems in the relationship between the two sectors.”

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Re: The upcoming Greek summer will be something like this

Posted: 21 May 2020, 11:03
by Erno
The 19 countries that will send the first tourists to Greece on 15 June - 21 May, 2020


A countdown begun to the start of the tourist season in the country and the government presented in detail the plan and the measures that will apply to this summer's corona crisis.

The start will be with the domestic tourism that will be put into operation on 25 May with the pleasure boats, while the first critical date is 29 May, when the year-round hotels and campsites will open. The seasonal accommodation will open on 15 June.

On 15 June, the doors of Greece will open for tourists from abroad. The plan is to start with 19 countries with good epidemiological characteristics.

According to a SKAI report, the first countries to send visitors to Greece are: Cyprus, Israel, China, Japan, Australia, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Albania, Northern Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

From 1 July, all visitors from abroad are expected to be allowed to enter Greece, unless epidemiological data change. The data and numbers will be examined every 15 days.

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Re: The upcoming Greek summer will be something like this

Posted: 23 May 2020, 13:51
by Erno
Greek Ministry of Tourism issues Covid-19 directions for hotels, campings - 23 May, 2020


The Greek Ministry of Tourism released comprehensive guidelines that hotels, camping sites, travel agents and transport companies must observe ahead of the reopening of the tourist season in June.

Each hotel or tourism facility is expected to establish a protocol based on the ministry’s directions and adapted to its facilities, and to designate a coordinator who will work in association with a doctor.

It must also train the staff on how to deal with guests and introduce precautions for personal safety during their work at the facilities.

The 20-pages-long directive covers the training of staff to recognize possible coronavirus symptoms and the implementation of emergency procedures for possible cases; details on how staff should clean the rooms and serve guests and calls for disinfection procedures of all surfaces, keys and materials handled by guests.

Staff members are also to have their temperatures checked on a daily basis, while the hotel is expected to keep contact records for both staff and guests in case contact tracing becomes necessary, and report any possible Covid-19 symptoms.

Particular regulations are also set out for specific rooms, such as kitchens, restaurants, public rest rooms, pools and delivery areas, while kitchens are off bounds for non-staff.

Greece announced that it will allow the reopening of year-round hotels on June 1, including camping grounds.

On June 15, seasonal hotels will reopen, the same day that international flights will resume from a number of yet unspecified approved countries.

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You can find all directions for hotels here: ... announced/

You can find all directions for travel agencies and car rentals here: ... ar-rental/

You can find all directions for restaurants, cafes and bars here: ... en-may-25/