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Coronavirus :report from Italy

by GiorgioXT » 28 Mar 2020, 15:53

Hello to all . We live in Padua , NE Italy, one of the region with more epidemic intensity.
We are in lockdown since three weeks, that means no shops, bar and restaurants,from last week all Industried and commerce have stopped activity apart energy, food and health related.
Lockdown is working, people in very large majority respect it , data shows that is working.

Please keep following all the rules and use the safety measures : most important and useful to stay away from others .

We are 10 to 20 days in front of most other countries so looking at us you will see what is happening.

In Italy the most sources of contagious were the sport venues - particularly bad the Champions Cup match between Bergamo Atalanta and Valencia teams , with lot of fans crowding together, beers swapped etc. and is no wonder that Bergamo has the heaviest death toll , hospitals and first care units , a special bad situation are old people care houses - there the contact is very frequent and sometimes inevitable and people is more fragile.
Virus is a danger for everyone, but is a life danger for elders, people with chronical illness and immune suppression, so take special care to avoid any contact with them.

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