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Sfakia claims inclusion in Memorial of the revolution against the Turks

Posted: 28 Jan 2020, 14:24
by Erno
Sfakia claims inclusion in Memorial of the revolution against the Turks - 28 January, 2020

Thymiani Panagia church, Sfakia

The municipality of Sfakia is claiming the inclusion of Sfakia in the events for the 200 years memorial of the revolution against the Turks of 1821. This claim was made by the mayor of Sfakia, Manousos Chiotakis, in Chania before the regional governor, the vice regional governor and other authorities.

Mayors, MPs and civil servants have been informed in writing of this request by Sfakia, said Mr. Chiotakis, who pointed out that "the revolution of 1821 started in Crete by the Thymiani Panagia church near Sfakia [Komitades]. We are fighting to make the events in Sfakia reach their peak. We have the support of the Head of Archeology, Mrs. Papadopoulou, for some necessary works in the area and we are discussing with the Technical University of Crete to prepare a study for the reconstruction of the monument, which we believe we will have in our hands in March. As it is understood, for this study to be carried out, its implementation must be funded."

It is noted that on the last Sunday of May, 1821 at Thymiani Panagia the last but decisive meeting of all Cretan leaders and warriors took place.

As G. Polyrakis had pointed out in his historical text "the people have enthusiastically and fierfully endorsed the decision of the Chiefs to launch the Revolution. After an impressive Divine Liturgy, speeches were made by many Captains, the weapons of the Revolution blessed, and the Chiefs elected. They led the uprisal for 10 years, assisted by many worthy Captains. The struggle was once over, but from the newly formed and small Greek state, Crete was absent. This was a decision of the Great Powers of Europe, which was implemented by the London Protocol on 21st January, 1830. And there was still much to be done until Crete's cohesive union with motherland Greece was made. So the decision to launch the Revolution in 1821 in Crete started from Sfakia, a dot then in the vastness of the all-powerful Ottoman Empire. And that gathering at the Thymiani Panagia on the last Sunday in May 1821 was the official start of the uprisal in Crete for the throwing off of the Turkish yoke."

"There will be a revolution!"

"Ambitious is your plan to include Sfakia in the events of 1821", we mentioned to Sfakia Mayor M. Chiotakis. “The point is that it is fair because the revolution in Crete was started at Thymiani Panagia. If they do not include it in the events, there will be a new revolution because this will make all Sfakians unhappy”, was the answer of Mr. Chiotakis.

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