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Historic day for Kasteli Airport

by Erno » 23 Jan 2020, 16:53

Historic day for Kasteli Airport - 23 January, 2020


Minister of Transport Costas Karamanlis announced the official signing of a € 180m financing for the Kasteli airport.

The project replaces Greece's second-largest airport and will double Crete's passenger service capacity.

The elimination of restrictions on the number of passengers is crucial to the development of tourism on the largest Greek island.

The new airport will help avoid congestion and delays, improve services and enhance safety.

Thousands of jobs will be created during construction and many more after the project is put into operation.

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has agreed to provide a 180m-euro loan to finance the construction of the new Heraklion International Airport in Crete. The new airport will replace the existing one. During the summer tourist season, the existing airport is heavily congested and it is impossible to serve more passengers at the required level of service and security.

The European Investment Bank's support for Greek aviation investment has been signed today by European Investment Bank Vice President Andrew McDowell, the Minister of Finance and Governor of the European Investment Bank Mr Christos Staikouras and the Minister for Infrastructure Mr Costas Karamanlis, during Mr McDowell's visit to Athens. The signing ceremony was attended by the Minister of Development and Investment Mr. Adonis Georgiades and the Deputy Minister of Development and Investment Mr. Yiannis Tsakiris.

The Minister of Finance and Governor of the European Investment Bank, Mr Christos Staikouras, said in this regard: "Today's agreement is an important milestone in the history of aviation in Greece, as it will enable the full potential of the beautiful Crete to be fully exploited. I am happy that the European Investment Bank is supporting the new Heraklion Airport, which will create thousands of jobs in its construction and operation and will warmly welcome millions of Greek visitors in the coming years. "

The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Mr. Costas Karamanlis, said: “Today we are really happy because a great development project is underway. The new airport of Heraklion, in the area of ​​Kasteli. A very important project for the whole of Crete, but also for our tourism as a whole. The European Investment Bank is our steadfast ally not only today, but also in other important cases: the construction of flood-proof projects throughout the country, but also in a program of key road safety actions. Our cooperation is excellent and its contribution really valuable.

Andrew McDowell, Vice President of the European Investment Bank, said: "The European Investment Bank recognizes the importance of new investments to increase passenger service capacity, enhance safety and support the development of the Greek tourism sector. The EIB loan of 180m euros will allow the construction of the new Heraklion airport to finally begin, after years of planning and delays. The EIB welcomes the commitment made to redevelop the existing Heraklion Airport area, which will bring economic, environmental and social benefits. This renovation is an integral part of our loan terms. "

The new airport will be built in Kasteli, 30 km from Heraklion. The existing airport will cease to operate as soon as the new one comes into operation.

The 28-year EIB loan to the Greek State will finance the national participation in the project at a cost of 517m euros.

Changing passenger service capacity
The existing airport of Heraklion is the second one in Greece and the most important of the three political airports in Crete. The number of passengers at the existing airport has been increasing since 2012 and today exceeds 8.1 million annually. This figure is much higher than expected when the airport was built and the number of passengers able to handle it adequately today.

The new airport will have increased operational capacity and will provide passengers with greater comfort and improved services.

Improving connections with the rest of Crete
Construction of the new Heraklion airport is expected to take five years. The project will include an 18km highway and 6km long access roads.

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