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Sfakia report, Nov 5th – quiet, warm; building projects

by Jean » 05 Nov 2019, 21:08

It was very warm and humid today – the temperature got up to 27C. Even up in Anopoli, where there were a lot of clouds, it reached 20C. There was a swell on the sea, but the water is still quite warm.

It was also extremely peaceful here today. The Lefka Ori closed after breakfast and proceeded to clear its outdoor area. The Daskalogiannis did its run to Loutro and Gavdos with very few passengers on board. There are not many tourists around now; the Sfakians have their village back to themselves.

A visitor from Africa appeared on our balcony this morning.


Many of the boats in the new harbour have been taken out of the water for cleaning and repairs.

boats out for cleaning.jpg

Now that the tourist season is over, building work has started in several places. Over the last few days we’ve noticed some major renovations.

Several projects are going on in Chora Sfakion. Work on the Panorama hotel has speeded up. On the road out of the village towards Anopoli, Eliana’s multi-story building is being gutted and renovated as apartments. And in Tholos, a space is being cleared for some kind of structure.

Panorama hotel.jpg
Eliana's apartments.jpg
in Tholos.jpg

At Ilingas, it looks like the rooms facing the sea are being entirely renovated. The restaurant at the bottom of the Imbros gorge is getting an extension. And in Anopoli, the 3 Brothers restaurant in Kambia which has been closed for some years has been gutted for renovations.

Ilingas renovations.jpg
taverna at bottom of Imbros gorge.jpg
Anopoli, 3 Brothers.jpg

This evening it was still warm, and we were able to have dinner outside without jackets. Nikos and the Delfini are still open, as are the bar in the plateia and Georgia's cantina near the slipway, so all the activity is at that end of the village.

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Re: Sfakia report, Nov 5th – quiet, warm; building projects

by deadeggs » 06 Nov 2019, 08:20

Thanks for the photos Jean and the up to date information on the development in and around Sfakia.
One comforting point is that it appears the developent and renovation work going on will result in family run businesses or small parntership businesses.
Thankfully, no sign of the big multi bedroom resorts for Sfakia for the moment.
Enjoy the last of your holidays in Crete and thanks a million for your posts.

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Re: Sfakia report, Nov 5th – quiet, warm; building projects

by arnulf » 06 Nov 2019, 13:36

Thank You, Jean, again - for Your brilliant reports from the beautiful village,\ of Sfakia!

I guess You soon will leave for this time, and I wish You a good winter, and again: Thank You so much for these reports!

All the best


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Re: Sfakia report, Nov 5th – quiet, warm; building projects

by Spinx » 10 Nov 2019, 09:10

Great report again Jean. When we were in Sfakia a few weeks back we were intrigued with the building works going on at the Panorama Hotel. The scaffolding and general safety was something else. Not what a retired Civil Engineer of 37 years expected - LOL!

Marie and Andrew
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Re: Sfakia report, Nov 5th – quiet, warm; building projects

by Marie and Andrew » 13 Nov 2019, 19:30

Hello Spinx

We can only agree with your observations considering the safety around the building of Panorama.
We have also been following the progress of the project. We where there the first week of April and two weeks in may/June
and we looked in shock and horror at the standard of the scaffolding and lack of safety thinking.

Here are some photos we took in April to really show the poor working conditions.

Let us hope the project is completed without any serious injuries.

Hope You all will have a nice winter! 8/*

Best regards

Marie & Andrew Taylor

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