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Sfakia report, Oct 27th – walk to Amoudi, signs of autumn

by Jean » 28 Oct 2019, 14:30

Yesterday after the Daskalogiannis left for Loutro with participants in the Vertical Run, Wiltrud and I decided to walk over the headland from the new harbour to Amoudi beach as there was a little breeze to help relieve the heat of the sun. The views from the headland are wonderful in all directions.

view from above new harbour.jpg
view to Loutro.jpg

However, we were very frustrated to find that the usual places where you can go through the fencing had been very tightly wired shut by the shepherd. We searched for a long time before we found somewhere to squeeze through (we secured the opening afterwards), and were happy to be able to continue on our planned walk.

Along the way we found that the strange, endemic little biarum flowers have emerged.

Biarum davisii.jpg
biarum davisii group.jpg

We had Amoudi beach almost to ourselves, and enjoyed several long swims.

As usual, we walked back off-piste up to Tholos (the upper village). There are now three villas to rent in the upper village. One has an infinity pool, and on the driveway leading to another is a decorative tiled map of the winds with their Italian names from Venetian times.

in Tholos.jpg

On the path down from Mesohori, we noticed someone using what I call a tree-tickler – an electric device with rotating arms that shakes the branches of olive trees to dislodge the ripe olives.

olive tree tickler.jpg
shaking olive branches.jpg

We only now noticed that the little church in the plateia has been clad with stones since the spring, and the stone terrace around it is almost finished too.

stone-cladding on church.jpg

There are now some signs of autumn. The nights are cooler. The first restaurant has closed for the season (the Xenia) – most others will probably close on November 1st. And the Daskalogiannis had to turn its lights on when approaching the slipway since the clocks changed at the weekend.

Daska with lights on.jpg

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