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Sfakia report, Oct. 28 – Oxi Day

by Jean » 28 Oct 2019, 11:54

Today the sky is clear blue, the temperature is in the mid 20’s and there is a slight breeze, perfect for the Oxi Day parade commemorating when the Greek government rejected Mussolini’s ultimatum to let Italian troops enter Greece during WWII.

After a morning church service, the school children paraded up to the memorial just off the road beneath the ruined fort (it has skulls of executed villagers in a glass case at its base). The Pappas conducted a memorial service (with incense lit in upturned helmets), then wreaths were played by the mayor and children from the primary, middle and secondary schools, which was followed by speeches in the amphitheatre across the road about these events from 1940.

small kids in parade.jpg
at memorial.jpg
priests, helmet for incense.jpg
mayor laying wreath.jpg
memorial with wreaths.jpg

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