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Sfakia report, Oct 10

by Jean » 10 Oct 2019, 12:47


After yesterday’s heat and clear skies, this morning was cooler but humid due to cloud cover, but the sky has partially cleared this afternoon and there is a breeze.

Seasonal info:

The 9am bus to Anopoli and Aradena will keep running for another week, unless the weather gets bad.

The yellow sunbeds and umbrellas have been removed from the front beach.

Yesterday a friend cycled up to Livaniana on his e-bike and reported that the taverna is still operating on the honour system, with prices listed on the fridge. Someone keeps the place clean and stocked.

Livaniana taverna.jpg

honesty fridge.jpg

Something different:

In the late morning, a man appeared at the end of the old harbour with an alpine horn and proceeded to play three short pieces of music very sweetly - people sitting around the harbour applauded and took photos. The man's name is Klaus and he comes from southern Germany. He is able to travel easily with this large instrument because the long tube of his alp horn telescopes into the bowl of the horn, and the whole thing then fits into a backpack.

alp horn.jpg

Klaus and his alp horn.jpg

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Re: Sfakia report, Oct 10

by arnulf » 10 Oct 2019, 21:13

Hello, Jean!

So good to read Your excellent reports again!

This autumn I will not be able to visit Sfakia, so I look forward to these reports every day!

All the best


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Re: Sfakia report, Oct 10

by robo » 11 Oct 2019, 11:58

I'm back in the UK as of last night but had been in Sfakia for a few days, couldn't believe just how warm it got on Wednesday. I walked down the Aradena Gorge which was very pleasant but the coastal path to Loutro was a different matter. Not for the first time on that stretch I was grateful for the shade of the tree at the top of the hill above the Old-Phoenix!

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Re: Sfakia report, Oct 10

by Jean » 11 Oct 2019, 20:17

And it is still very warm here - it was cloudy, warm and humid in the morning, clearing somewhat and hot in the afternoon, but even now at 11pm it is still 21C. The crickets are chirping and there is a light breeze.

They took the sunbeds off Vrisi beach today, in spite of the warm weather and the number of tourists around.

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Re: Sfakia report, Oct 10

by SfakianPie » 12 Oct 2019, 15:28

I certainly agree with robo about the weather on Wednesday.
We spent the day on Sweetwater beach in glorious sunshine and no wind.
A second boat was needed at 5.30pm to get everyone back to Sfakia.
Lots of walkers passed through on their way to Loutro.
We arrived home last night to rain and cold. Brrrr.

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Re: Sfakia report, Oct 10

by Spinx » 12 Oct 2019, 19:20

Saturday's weather was spectacular with temperatures in very close to 30°C late afternoon. We took spectacular sunset photos just below Vritomartis. Still beautiful sat on our balcony listening to cigales chirping in tune to Vrito outside music. The coming week's weather looks equally superb. We shall be walking Aradena to Agia Roumeli on Monday with some sunbathing and swimming on route at Agios Pavlos beach. Can't wait. [(0)]

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Re: Sfakia report, Oct 10

by deadeggs » 14 Oct 2019, 07:11

Nice to see that the "honesty" system is working with the Livaniana tavern. This is good news on the practical side but the long chats with Elk (hope the spelling is right) put the cherry on the cake for this unique tavern. Hope there will be some human presence with a new owner who likes to chat in the near future. Long live the unique Livaniana tavern and its unique owner/s.

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