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Autumn weather in Crete from Friday: rain and heavy wind

by Erno » 11 Sep 2019, 10:10

Autumn weather in Crete from Friday: rain and heavy wind - 11 September, 2019


Autumn weather setting since Friday with marked drop in temperatures and heavy rains

Autumn is expected to be the setting of the weather from Friday with the main features of the first rain showers on our island and a significant drop in temperature, but what needs a lot more attention is the strengthening of the North winds, especially in the inland and even more so in the southern areas of the island.

Due to the increasing winds, special attention is also required to the high waves that will occur at the north coastal zone of Crete affecting not only swimming but many other marine activities. Although the rains will be local in nature, they may also cause slippery roads requiring attention to the wet road. Saturday is the feast of the Holy Cross [Timeos Stavros] with many chapels located in mountainous areas of Crete, so pilgrims should keep up to date with the latest weather data for their area and in any case take appropriate protection measures.

Detailed forecasts by meteorologist Manolis Lekkas

Autumn will be the picture of the weather in Crete for Friday with showers making their appearance, albeit locally, but with much strengthened north winds and a noticeable drop in temperature. This change in the setting of the weather is due to the reinforcement of the North Stream in the Aegean as well as the invasion from the north of a colder air mass. Therefore, the rains will be limited in nature, without much intensity and are expected to occur transiently and locally in several northern parts of the island and less so in the southern parts. From Friday morning the clouds will gradually appear and gradually increase and the first rains will appear on our island. Increased clouds will be maintained on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings mainly in the highlands but also with the possibility of some heavy rain especially in the morning until Saturday midday. On Saturday, cloudiness is maintained, increased locally in the northern parts, but with less chance of rain mainly in the mountains.

The winds for Friday and for Saturday will be strong with 5-6 Beaufort intensity, but in some places it will reach 6-7 Beaufort (maximum intensities up to 8 Beaufort) in inland areas, but in the southern parts of the island the northern winds are favored to be lowered. Due to very strong and stormy winds in the Aegean, high waves are expected in the northern coastal areas of the island. Both factors, the increased winds and the high waves, require special attention from both residents and visitors of Crete for Friday and Saturday.

Temperatures will drop to a low of around 20° C for the coastal sections, while in the highlands it will drop below 15° C making the cold more noticeable. Peak values ​​in the north will be around 26° C, while in the south they will be slightly higher.

On Sunday the weather is expected to improve with more sunshine and less clouds. The winds will be maintained from northern directions with their intensity diminishing to 4-5 Bft, but in places west of Chania, in the eastern parts of the island and in the south the wind will reach up to 6 Bft. The temperature will remain at almost the same level. This autumn scene is set to continue next week, but as of Tuesday, the weather seems to be improving again with the winds weakening even further and the temperature rising again to slightly higher levels.

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Re: Autumn weather in Crete from Friday: rain and heavy wind

by Marie and Andrew » 13 Sep 2019, 15:40

Wheather reports from Lasithi,

Hello everyone,

Thanks Erno for the weather reports,
We are right now in the Lasithi area on the north east coast of Crete, on holiday and right now in Sitia. And for the last week it has been warm and and a nice breeze.
Today it has been blowing 13 meter/second and the wawes were rather big when we were swimming, and the clouds were very dark over the mountains and it looked like it could rain.

A few days ago we stayed in the village Mochlos about 30 km west of Sitia, for a couple of days, and there we saw a poster about a feast in the near by village of Sfaka 10 km east of Mochlos, to celebrate the holy cross Timeos Stavros tomorrow the 14th of September, which we entend to drive to, which you Erno mentioned in your post.

Now when we came home from the beach the weather is calm again and seems to have changed, and the wind has dropped.

Best regards

Andrew and Marie

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Re: Autumn weather in Crete from Friday: rain and heavy wind

by Erno » 13 Sep 2019, 15:46


Today there have been no ferry boats to and from Gavdos, because of the strong northern winds along the southwest coast. As always when this happens, several people on Gavdos could not show up at their booked rooms in Sfakia, and maybe some will have missed their flight back home.

It is not clear yet if there will be boats to/ from Gavdos from Sfakia tomorrow and Sunday. EDIT: Until 31 October there are no boats from Sfakia to Gavdos at all in the timetable on Saturdays and Sundays, only on Tuesdays and Fridays, but usually cancelled trips take place anyway on the first day that sailing is possible again. From Agia Galini and Plakias they are already cancelled on 13, 14 and 15 September (smaller vessel).
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Re: Autumn weather in Crete from Friday: rain and heavy wind

by kiki » 28 Sep 2019, 12:55

Yes, we couldn`t leave for Gavdos on 13.9. , so we had to stay in Chora Sfakion. Also Saturday the wind was very strong, in the night it was so loud we hardly couldn`t sleep. So we were convinced no ferry would go also on Sunday.
But in the morning at 9.15 I received a message from a friend who stayed in Agia Roumeli that the ferry will go !!! :D
So in 5 minutes we decided : I would go to Gavdos and quickly put my things into the suitcase, then Giorgos brought me to the port. The ferry left 10.30 for Loutro-Agia Roumeli- Gavdos and we arrived after a long trip of 4 hours Gavdos . In the end of the trip the ferry was going a little strong up and down , but not to much.
Happy to be at least 2 days at Gavdos :D

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Re: Autumn weather in Crete from Friday: rain and heavy wind

by robo » 29 Sep 2019, 21:31

Oh joy, I arrive in Crete on Tuesday :)

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