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An incredible Greek super yacht in Sfakia

Posted: 28 Aug 2019, 15:00
by Erno
An incredible Greek super yacht in Sfakia - 28 August, 2019


A floating palace belonging to one of the most powerful Greek shipowners moored off the coast of Sfakia

The mega-yacht "Dream" is as its name implies a dream yacht with services and amenities that can easily be compared to a luxurious hotel.


One of the strongest players in the shipping industry internationally and in real estate is George Prokopiou, owner of Dynacom (with a fleet of more than 60 tankers), Dynagas LNG Partners and Sea Traders.

The size of the yacht alone is awe-inspiring, as it reaches 106 meters and is the 36th-largest in the world.


It features, among others, six decks, an Olympic-size swimming pool, a spa, a fitness center, a business and diving center, 22 cabins capable of accommodating 44 people, while the fifth deck features a stunning suite overlooking the azure blue.

It was built in 1997 in a Turkish yard. It was called "TDI Karadeniz" and the Turkish company was Maritime Lines. He did cruises in the Mediterranean. It had a length of 93 meters and a capacity of 180 passengers. The Greek shipowner brought it to Chalkis shipyards in 2008. His repairs lasted 10 years. The 'Dream' was delivered in July 2018. The yacht was designed from scratch, all parts, mechanical and non-elongated, while extension work was carried out, resulting in the 93 meters yacht reaching 106.5 meters.

The mega yacht features state-of-the-art systems so that it can travel without vibration even when there is a sea disruption. The interior design was undertaken by Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda. The materials used in yacht construction such as marble, stainless steel, glass and leather reinforce the sense of luxury that the owners of the yacht wanted.

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Re: An incredible Greek super yacht in Sfakia

Posted: 28 Aug 2019, 18:13
by Micki
They have not yet labeled her with their company logo. But I heard rumors that she's the new ANENDYK ferry boat operating from spring 2020 - ultrafast direct service vom Sfakia to Athens and to Alexandria. -:) :lol:

Re: An incredible Greek super yacht in Sfakia

Posted: 02 Sep 2019, 05:02
by deadeggs
Money .... money ...... money ..... it's a rich man's world - as ABBA said.