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Marie and Andrew
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Sunday report

by Marie and Andrew » 02 Jun 2019, 09:35

Hello everyone, here comes greetings from Sfakia,

First we would like to tell you Jean that the sunbeds and umbrellas are in place at the Vrisis beach now, not sure what day. The mother Evangelina at Lefka Ori has opened her shop, and seems to be in good health again. Lefka Ori is getting a now roof made, and new white nice lamps on the restaurant area.

Yesterday when we were in Aradena we saw 3 men preparing a new rope for the bungy jump which will start today 1 o'clock and then the same time every weekend during the high season.
We will drive up their shortly to watch the brave sools who will jump.

We have never put a picture in the forum, but will try later and hope it will work so we can send some nice pictures for you all to see.

Bye for now
Andrew and Marie

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