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Sfakia report, May 6th

by Jean » 07 May 2019, 05:04

We woke up to blue skies and sunshine, as the wind had shifted to the northwest and cleared away the Sahara dust, but the temperature was much lower. Many people were washing the sand off their cars in the morning.

Sahara dust.jpg

It was a very entertaining day to stay in the village. In the late morning, a huge truck carrying building supplies carefully made its way down the front street, having to stop and unhook a light at the supermarket before advancing. The unloading operation between the Alkion and Lefka Ori also had to be carried out with great skill so as not to hit a variety of awnings, poles and tourists with the lengthy metal beams. The truck then inched along under the green canopy, managed a lengthy turning manoeuvre, and crept back along the front street; the men reattached the light at the supermarket after the truck cab passed under that space.

big truck squeezing through.jpg
truck leaving.jpg

There were no boats allowed to go during the day because of the heavy surf tearing in loudly from the southwest; many people have now been stuck in Loutro, Roumeli and beyond for several days. But the sea is wonderful to watch when it is like this – waves crashing over the harbour and boat slipway (the biggest splashes always happen when you don’t have the camera ready), and the beautiful light blue steaks in the sea caused by fine stone silt being carried out from the beaches. It always amazes us how many tourists stand in wet spots on the old harbour to take photos of the raging sea and are then surprised when they and their cameras get soaked by a wave smashing against the rocks.

three ferries in harbour.jpg
the three rocks.jpg
blue streaks.jpg
splashing waves.jpg

In spite of the wind and waves, the Manchester University students did go swimming (it was their last day here on their field trip), and all survived.


The cool wind strengthened in the early evening, so most people retreated inside the restaurants for dinner.

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