Gavdos report, April 29-30th – part 2 Everything you want to ask, read or write about Sfakia, southwest Crete, or Crete island in general.

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Gavdos report, April 29-30th – part 2

by Jean » 06 May 2019, 13:12

The next morning we had breakfast outside in the sun at one of the two mini-markets next to our room; it even had working wifi. Then we spent the remainder of our time before the Samaria left at 2pm trying to see as much of the rest of the island as we could.

The dunes at Sarakiniko and other beaches are full of cedars, providing shade and a special ecosystem. Many buildings all around the island are constructed with fine stonework.

11. Sarakiniko.jpg
13. fine stonework on house.jpg

We drove west on the northern road as far as the little pebble beach at Fetoufe (rental cars are forbidden to use the inland road from there). None of the rooms or tavernas were open yet. I walked on the well-marked path which leads over rocks and through sand dunes to Agios Ioannis beach, one of the most popular with campers. There were only a few people and tents in evidence, and the views were stunning.

12. Psiloriti over ruined house.jpg
14. Agios Ioannis beach and Gavdopouloa.jpg
15. sand dunes and cedars.jpg

We also wanted to see Korfos, which had expended since we were last on Gavdos. Again, the tavernas and rooms weren’t yet open, but a few people were using the beach. Psiloriti floated in the distance as I had a lovely swim in the crystal clear sea.

16. Korfos beach and Psiloriti.jpg

We headed back to the port at Karave and enjoyed an excellent lunch at the taverna. The Samaria ferry was late, so I walked along the beach towards Korfos, fascinated by the reddish-purple and green rocks along and above the shore.

17. Sarikiniko Bay and Crete.jpg
18. Karave harbour and beach.jpg

The trip back with the Samaria took much longer, of course, than the one with the Gavdos Express, as the ship first went to Agia Roumeli. Watching the villages of Sfakia slowly appear through the mist along the shore, dwarfed by the high mountains, was fascinating.

19. Pachnes and gull.jpg
20 Ginglos towering over Roumeli.jpg

We had lovely views in the late afternoon sun along the coast back to Chora Sfakion. We had only been away 36 hours, but it felt like a much longer, and very interesting, excursion.

(There is a very good book with photos entitled Gavdos, Emerald of the Greek South, written by Christostomos Stefanakis, which is well worth buying; it has text in Greek and English.)
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Re: Gavdos report, April 29-30th – part 2

by Erno » 06 May 2019, 20:58

Thank you very much, Jean. I have very much enjoyed your 2 Gavdos reports!

Have a great last part of your stay in Sfakia.
All the best,


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Re: Gavdos report, April 29-30th – part 2

by Micki » 07 May 2019, 08:26

Thank you very much for your Gavdos report and those nice pictures, Jean.
In September it is very hard to imagine that there can be so much green vegetation.

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Re: Gavdos report, April 29-30th – part 2

by kiki » 07 May 2019, 11:00

Thanks a lot for your nice Gavdos Report and the beautiful pictures!!

Last year we have been also 3 days at Gavdos in the beginning of May , but we were not so lucky with the wether! A lot of rain and wind, and the travel with the big ferry was not so nice , because it was very windy and the ship going up and down. Some people looked kind of seasick :shock:
When we arrived at Sarakiniko , no Taverna was open , only both mini-markets. But they organized us very nice a lift ( we had no car) to Gavdos Princess Taverna where we had a lovely dinner. They even brought us back late in the night for Sarakiniko, where we find a lodge.
Looking forward to September when again a trip for Gavdos is planned :D !

Best regards ,

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Re: Gavdos report, April 29-30th – part 2

by arnulf » 07 May 2019, 11:37

I fully agree with the comments - thank You for Your reports, again! They are very nice and welcoming!

The Gavdos reports were excellent and give a big motivation for making a trip to this island!

Have a nice stay for the rest of Your stay in Sfakia!

All the best


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