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Flower report, May 2nd – Imbros gorge

by Jean » 03 May 2019, 12:48

Here are some of the many flowers we saw in the Imbros gorge on Thursday. The dragon arums (Dracunculus vulgaris) and Cretan ebony (Ebenus cretica) haven’t come out in the middle of the gorge but are in bloom at the bottom. There are patches of cyclamen in a few shady places, poppies, sage, and a variety of smaller flowers along the footpath.

Bee orchid (an ophrys)


Pterocephalus papposus
Pterocephalus papposus.jpg

Procopiania cretica (endemic)
Procopiania cretica.jpg

Crepis auriculifolia (endemic)
Crepis auriculifolia.jpg

tiny scrophularia

Tree flax (Linum arboretum)
Linum arboreum.jpg

Saxifrage (with tiny red spots on the white petals)
Saxifraga chrysoplenifolia.jpg

Campanula (endemic)


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