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Sfakia report, April 22nd ¬– walk to Amoudi beach, Tholos, flowers

Posted: 23 Apr 2019, 15:06
by Jean
The weather was a bit cloudy and cool on Monday, so we decided to walk from the new harbour to Amoudi beach. We first stopped to admire the unusual flower on the palm-like plant next to the diving centre, which is actually a strelitza, or type of bird-of-paradise (also called wild banana). Then we scrambled up the cliff next to the little church. The headland is a miniature forest of yellow – tall asphodel, little crepis, pallenis and other yellow flowers, interspersed with some pale blue nigella (love-in-the-mist) and bright blue chicory flowers.

Strelitzia flower.jpg
church over new harbour.jpg
asphodel lutea and moutains.jpg
Pallenis spinosa.jpg

Following a goat track, we headed for the huge sink-hole / natural arch on the south of the headland. Down into it a little way and to the left is a large patch of Arum concinnatum, which look like fancy candles when in bloom; most of them should come out in the next few days (and the bloom only seems to last one day). There were also a variety of the usual small flowers, plantains, and sedum.

Arum concinnatum.jpg
tiny sedum.jpg

We continued on, down the next ravine, up over the shoulder and along to the scree descent to Amoudi beach. It was a little windy and cool on the beach, so we abandoned the idea of a swim and walked further to Agios Xaralambos church, which is still very wet inside from water dripping through the ceiling of the cave it is sited in. From the rocks below the church we could see Psiloritis covered in snow, but the view was very hazy.

On the track back to the road we found a few of the beautiful dwarf iris which are only a couple of centimetres across. We then walked off-piste up to Tholos, the upper village, and found an old path below some houses which isn’t used much and which gave us fresh views of that part of the village. There were some flowers blooming there we hadn’t seen earlier (including fringed rue).

Gynandriris monophylla.jpg
house in Tholos with margarita cascade.jpg
Ruta chalepensis- fringed rue.jpg

The evening was warmer with no wind, and most people felt comfortable eating outdoors.