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Good weather in Holy Week and for Easter in Crete

by Erno » 23 Apr 2019, 10:20

Good weather in Holy Week and for Easter in Crete - 23 April, 2019


The latest data of the forecasting models confirm in the best way the preservation of good weather on our island for the whole Easter holiday season.

A bit disturbing may appear the Southwest winds for tomorrow Wednesday in several northern regions of the island, because they are heightened, but they are expected to weaken from the evening hours. There is also a typical African dust transfer for the time, for which caution is recommended by people who have a reason to protect themselves.

Positive is the fact that the data so far show a tendency to decrease this transfer gradually after Friday, bringing back tolerable and normal levels of concentration for the time.

Good weather on our island for the Easter celebration

The absence of an atmospheric disruption and the invasion of a warmer air mass from the Southwest Mediterranean create ideal conditions of stability in the atmosphere, thus maintaining good weather in Crete for the entire Easter weekend as well as Easter Sunday and the following days.

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