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Anxiety at the Askyfou plateau in Sfakia because of tremors

by Erno » 11 Mar 2019, 11:28

Anxiety at the Askyfou plateau in Sfakia because of tremors - 11 March, 2019


A phenomenon that began to be observed in the week after the devastating rain of February 24-25 and is still going on has caused the reasonable concerns of the inhabitants on the Plateau of Askyfou, but also in the areas of Imbros and Krapis of the Municipality of Sfakia.

According to residents' testimonies, continuous vibrations, even 3-4 times a day, are sometimes felt, sometimes accompanied by rumble.

Please note that these vibrations are not due to earthquakes, as the Mayor of Sfakia Giannis Zervos was assured by IGME [Institute Of Geology And Mineral Exploration] geologists who visited the area.

"When IGME stepped in to make an assessment in the municipality, we went to the Ambelochórafa site of Imbros, where there are new houses, and told us about the observation of these vibrations," said Zervos.

As mentioned, IGME geologists have attributed the phenomenon to the huge accumulation of water in underground caves, which creates pressure on the subsoil, which is perceived in the form of vibrations and a rumbling noise.

The geologists were reassuring, stressing that gradually the waters would find outlets and the phenomenon would be extinct in the coming period.

Indeed, in the report they will submit to the Municipality of Sfakia on the effects of the heavy rainfall, they will also refer to this phenomenon that had occurred even 45 years ago.

A similar phenomenon was also observed in Asi Gonia in Apokoronas and it is no coincidence that the stations of the National Observatory of Athens / recorded the highest rainfall in Asi Gonia, with 558 mm, and in Askyfou with 596 mm, while altogether in the eastern White Mountains, an area of ​​about 140 square kilometers, more than 80 million cubic meters of water fell, weighing 80 billion kilos.

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