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Power failure due to bad weather

by Erno » 25 Feb 2019, 11:05

Power failure due to bad weather - 25 February, 2019


The problems with electrification continue in Chania due to the bad weather that has hit western Crete since Sunday.
without electricity remains a large part of Akrotiri, Halepa, and Souda while the problems remain in the areas of Sfakia, Anopoli, Loutro and Agia Roumeli.

From: http://www.haniotika-nea.gr/sinechizont ... odotisi-2/

We hope to see the harbour webcam come back on after the problems are fixed, and the weather improves.

The wave of bad weather, called "Oceanis", gives strong rains and storms to Crete, and especially to the west of the island, which was also greatly affected by the "Chionis" wave, which caused a lot of problems, disasters and unfortunately the loss of 4 lives. See the Precipitation Table, the higher rain heights recorded by our stations until Monday morning 25/02. It seems that stations in the area of ​​Chania recorded a precipitation of over 190 millimeters, within the first 10 hours of the day.


From: Meteo.gr
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