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Good weather is coming to Crete

by Erno » 17 Feb 2019, 11:51

Good weather is coming to Crete - 17 February, 2019


A new round of summer is coming from tomorrow morning and seems to be maintained until the end of the week.

Even today, the rain continues in many parts of Crete, which in places is temporarily strong. Newer data for the next few hours show that the rain will have a more weak and transient character.


As can be seen from the webcam in Chora Sfakion of Chania, a rainbow has appeared since morning, anticipating the gradual improvement of the weather from the western parts of Crete and then this improvement will be extended to the whole island.

Gradually, after Sunday afternoon, the rain will weaken more and will be restricted locally to the northern areas of the island and until the evening hours the good weather will be expected to expand throughout Crete. The Northern winds also weaken in the Aegean and Cretan seas, with their intensity in the evening hours of Sunday reaching 4, locally at the seaside up to the 5 Bft.

From tomorrow Monday, nice weather is expected throughout Crete with sunshine and only a few clouds in the northern mountainous parts of the island. The winds will blow from North - Northwest directions with the intensity of reaching 2-3 Bft in the west of Crete, while up to 4 Bft in the east. The temperature in the morning will range from 6 to 8° C in the lowlands and close to 0° C in the mountainous areas, while at noon maximum values ​​will range to 15° C for the northern regions and up to 17° C in the south.

These good weather conditions are expected to be maintained until the end of the week, with the winds turning on Tuesday from Western directions with a tension of 3 to 4 Bft. The temperature is expected to rise to slightly higher levels during the day, but the low and normal temperatures for the night will be maintained.

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