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Huge rock fell on home in Askyfou

by Erno » 06 Feb 2019, 10:46

Huge rock fell on home in Askyfou - 6 February, 2019


A frightening incident happened last evening at Askyfou in the municipality of Sfakia, raising the village and the municipality on the foot.

An enormous rock departed from the mountain and dropped into a house literally crushing a part of it.


The rock is estimated to be around 25 tonnes and during the fall it destroyed part of the house where an elderly woman lived.

It's really unbelievable how this elderly woman was saved from a fatal accident. A phone call in a fraction of a second before the rock came in meant to be a savior for her.

The elderly was in the kitchen and cooking when the phone rang and she left the kitchen to answer it. Seconds later, the rock "landed" with power just at the point where the woman was cooking.


It should be noted that if there was no vegetation and a wild oak to halt the falling rock, it would have continued its course and would have ended up in a café lying below the house and was open on that moment.

From the very first moment, the mayor of Sfakia hastened to the spot with a technical team, police officers as well as firefighters of the Anopoli Station.

The mayor of Sfakion briefed the competent authorities from the first minute and is currently there with a team of the Technical Services Directorate with a geologist in order to make an assessment, to check the point of the rock detachment and the degree of risk of any other rocks.

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