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Agia Roumeli: ready to repair the damage, and start 3 projects

by Erno » 31 Jan 2019, 15:05

Agia Roumeli: ready to repair the damage, and start 3 projects - 31 January, 2019


Executives and technicians of the Harbour Fund of Chania and the Municipality of Sfakia are waiting for the first opportunity when the weather has improved to travel to Agia Roumeli.

The team declares ready to go to the area and find out exactly what problems were caused by the last bad weather to the pier and the land area of ​​Agia Roumeli so that it can proceed quickly to repair the damage.

Chania Harbour Fund Chairman, Dimitris Boudrogiannis, told they will make every effort to repair the problems quickly before the start of the tourist season:

"As soon as the bad weather is over, we will take the ferry to the area to assess the damage caused by the bad weather and move on to it. We have to say that our will and anxiety is to deal with the problems immediately. We all understand that it is a place with special conditions, and it is not easy to find contractors willing to undertake these works, but there is a need for understanding, so we will do our best to avoid creating a problem in the tourist season."

At the same time, three important projects to improve the infrastructure of the area aiming at its promotion have been launched for Agia Roumeli.

Construction of a harbour at the location of Maschalis


In 2002, the procedures for the construction of a small harbour at the place of Maschalis in the bay of Agia Roumeli began. But these were stopped in 2003 by the Ephorate of Antiquities due to archaeological finds.

As Mr. Boudrogiannis says: "We wrote a new application in 2018, deposited it with the Ephorate of Antiquities and we got the approval to continue the process. At the same time, we also received approval from the Ministry of Shipping for the study. Now what's left behind for the project at the position of Maschalis is finding and securing the necessary funds. All this has been done between February 2018 to date."

Among the interventions included in the project, is the construction of a 130-meter long quay, the clearing of the harbour to a depth of 5 meters and the creation of a upwind area to secure the ships safely.

Infrastructure in Plaka

In 2004, a study was carried out by the Harbour Fund of Chania to build a new pier to which ships and boats serving the area could be moored when the wind is west, southwest or northwest.

"This study, which was initially blocked, eventually proceeded, licensed by the Ephorate of Antiquities, was licensed by the Shipping Ministry and at this time there is deposited the amount of 340,000 euros which is the budget of the project. We are now in the process of commissioning the environmental impact assessment and once approved we will auction the project of the new pier in front of the village to temporarily serve the vessels until the big port is ready. There was a commitment to the Ephorate of Antiquities that we would have to demolish the pier before starting the harbour construction in the area of ​​Maschalis, but we have overtaken this and have postponed the demolition," notes Mr Boudrogiannis.

The redevelopment of the square

It is a project funded by the Public Investment Program, amounting to € 125,000 and covering the entire square in front of the land zone.

As the chairman of the Harbour Fund of Chania points out, the project would already have been completed if there were no problems with the contractor:

"The project has been contracted since October 2018 and it should have been completed at this time, but there has been a problem with the contractor who has not yet started. The works in Agia Roumeli are under special conditions. He had not appreciated well these conditions in which he would work, and he set out various pretensions to give up. We informed him that if he did not answer us by Friday, we will denounce him and we will proceed to the second contractor."

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