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One meter of snow in the White Mountains

by Erno » 20 Jan 2019, 11:10

One meter of snow in the White Mountains - 20 January, 2019


Significant snow heights are recorded by the two meteorological and snow height measuring stations, which the National Observatory of Athens / installed in the mountains of Psiloritis and the White Mountains in the autumn of 2017.

The map gives the estimated snow cover to Crete on Saturday 19/01/2019, as shown by the satellite measurements produced by the National Observatory of Athens.


According to the announcement from "The first station has been installed at an altitude of 1480 meters near the Nida Plateau of the Municipality of Anogia and the second at an altitude of 1580 meters, very close to the Kallergi refuge (Lefka Ori).

On 19/01/2019, the station in the White Mountains recorded 95 cm of snow and in Anogia 70 cm of snow (at higher altitudes it is estimated that the snow will be much higher). It is noted that this is the first systematic effort to measure snow in our country and the southernmost point of Europe where such measurements are taking place.

From: ... lefka-ori/
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