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Funding for the development of monuments in Sfakia

by Erno » 18 Dec 2018, 15:25

Funding for the development of monuments in Sfakia - 18 December, 2018


The Region of Crete proceeded to approval of the amount of € 86,800 for the promotion, maintenance and improvement of cultural monuments, at the request of the Mayor of Sfakia, Mr. Ioannis Zervos.

The project concerns research and development of networks for the visit and promotion of the cultural landscape in the Municipality of Sfakia, improvement of the accessibility of the E4 path from Agia Roumeli to Chora Sfakion and restoration of the monuments on the route.

The program contract to be signed between the Municipality of Sfakia, the Region of Crete, the Technical University of Crete and the Ministry of Culture includes: in Agia Roumeli restoration of a fortress and the Holy Church of Panagia, in Agios Ioannis fixing the path to Agios Pavlos, in Anopoli for the creation of a museum and restoration of the watchtower of Agia Aikaterini, in Loutro fixing of a watchtower, old paths and old fortress located at the harbour, in Imbros the first school of Georgios Xenoudakis, where a museum of Sfakian teachers will come, and in Askyfou in the Bikouvarakis home an information center.

The current research of the Technical University of Crete for the fortress of Chora Sfakion, and the slopes of the harbour hill, will be financed by a single regional financing tool for integrated spatial interventions.

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